IDGL Diamond and gem grading

IDGL can create a diamond or gem stone certificate conforming to the high standards set by the worlds leading laboratories. Add value and customer confidence with an unbiased assessment of your items quality.

Our range of certificates are valuable selling tools. Staff of all levels of experience can engage with the customer, and discuss the key features described in our certificates. We offer three main types of certificate, each detailed below. Every certificate is laminated for durability and security, and sent in a high quality presentation envelope. We can also provide variations and custum client specific certs featuring more in depth analysis and valuation. Please enquire for more details.

Diamond Grading Certificate

Diamond Grading Report

Designed to our own high specification, a basic DL sized Diamond Grading Report which we offer in addition to our Full Report (see below). The main features are:

  1. It puts all the key information into a small format, ideal for window display.
  2. Our full colour photograph of the graded item (see samples in the gallery). Our specially designed lightbox, linked to our computer, guarantees high quality images of your items.
  3. Key data on your diamonds are recorded in the certificate: weight, measurements, cut, colour and clarity grades plus proportions.
  4. Designed for single- and multi-stone items (e.g. a 3 stone ring, pair of earrings etc.).

Full Diamond Grading Certificate

Full Diamond Grading Report

A professional, printed, A4 certification giving a detailed assessment of your diamond. With details similar to a GIA certificate, our product gives your clients and yourself the essential validation of your diamonds characteristics. The main features are:

  1. Exact, detailed description including accurate highly detailed plotting of inclusions etc.
  2. More comprehensive than the DL Diamond Grading Report.
  3. Includes weight, proportions, girdle, culet, cut colour and clarity grades.
  4. Signed and certified with tamper and copy proof features.

Gemstone Identification Certificate - New for 2019

Gem Identification Report

The same form factor as our basic Diamond Grading Report, our new Gemstone Report is created to give you all the key information regarding precious and semi precious stones. The main features are:

  1. We follow and comply with GIA grading standards and procedures.
  2. As with our Diamond Grading Report this includes a quality full colour photograph of the graded item.
  3. Comprehensive data on your gem stone(s) are recorded:
    identity, weight if applicable, measurements, colour grades with description (for example 'Tanzanite AAA') plus if set with diamonds their grades will also be included.
  4. Designed for single- and multi-stone items (e.g. bracelets, brooches etc.).
  5. As an added bonus, if you have antique or second hand items we can calculate the gem weight.

Bespoke reports available

Some of our regular clients have specific requiements for their reports, and we are always happy to discuss the many ways IDGL can adapt our reports to your needs We also offer a valuation service with customised versions of all our reports available. Please contact us for more information and details on our terms.

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Our staff are on hand during office hours to discuss your diamond and gem grading requirements. If you would like to recieve samples of our products, please telephone or use the form on the Contact Us page, ticking the 'Please send me a sample pack' option.


"Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles!"
: Thomas Browne

Diamond Grading
Testing a fine rare Burmese ruby at our laboratory, with a classic ‘pigeon blood’ red colour.
This stone is valued for at least £60,000!

Grading Certificates For
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IDGL Chief Gemologist Mr. S. Chung F.G.A. Recipient, G.I.A. Diamonds and Diamond Grading Certificate.