IDGL Diamond and gem grading

Qualified IDGL staff can work on your premises, or you are welcome to send your items to our facility in Leeds.
Whichever service you require, we guarantee rapid turnaround.

How To Use IDGL Services

  • Same day turnaround for most certificates
  • Range of certificates available
  • On site grading
  • Dedicated grading lab
  • Over 10 years serving the jewellery trade

Grading on Your Premises

We know of no other independent diamond certificate service which can match the quality of our computerised certificate system and is able to grade diamonds on your premises.

Our staff can bring our compact diamond certification laboratory to your premises and we cover the whole of mainland UK. Once on site we will grade your items, entering details of your diamonds into our laptop running our custom written software. Using this state of the art system, we are able to produce high quality, easy-to-understand certificates in a matter of minutes. This saves you the inconvenience of sending your stock by post or courier. And we do not charge any additional fees for on-site grading (provided you have a reasonable number of items which can be graded in a working day).


Postal Certification

We also offer a postal certification service. We have a sliding scale of fees, dependant on the number of stones you send us per consignment and how often you make use of our services. Our laboratory contains sophisticated scientific tools plus a computer running our custum written software. We believe we are one of the leading independent diamond-grading laboratories in the UK.

Average turnaround time for postal certification is forty-eight hours. We return all items securely packed (with security seals) by Royal Mail special delivery parcel service.


Bring your stock to us

As an alternative to our staff visiting you, pay IDGL a visit! Bring your items and have your stock graded while you wait. Please telephone for more details and to book an appointment.



"Praise, like gold and diamonds, owes its value only to its scarcity."
: Samuel Johnson

Diamond Grading
On site with part of our mobile laboratory.

Grading Certificates For
Items of All Value

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IDGL Chief Gemologist Mr. S. Chung F.G.A. Recipient, G.I.A. Diamonds and Diamond Grading Certificate.