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Mr S. Chung is our principle Gemologist. His extensive professional experience has served the industry over ten years. Along with his team of junior staff IDGL offers a comprehensive and top class grading service.

Mr Chung has received the Diamond Certificate from the Gemmological Institute of America, and he is also a FGA qualified gemmologist. Copies of his credentials are reproduced below. You can also read a small selection of customer testimonials.


Our GIA Certificate

Our TGA Certificate

GIA Certificate

Gemmological Association Certificate

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Here are some testimonials from just some of our regular customers.

"Dear Mr Chung
I would like to thank you for your excellent diamond appriasal service. I have found you to be very prompt, efficient, competively priced and the supporting Diamond Grading Certificate has enabled me to achieve greater sales.
" Promenade Antiques, Cheltenham

"Mr Chung recently visited our premises and certified a number of our Diamonds, both mounted and unmounted stones. We found him to be very quick and efficient and found this a most useful service. We found it incredibly useful that he was able to come to our own premises." Reginald Davis, Oxford

"We have been using the Diamond Grading service provided by IDGL for many years. We are impressed by his professional integrity, consisten grading and his fast turnover. Our sales have increased with the help of his certificates, especially the diamond grading report with photographs, the quality of which is second to none." R Hall Ltd. Newcastle

Further testimonials available on request.



"Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old secondhand diamonds than none at all."
: Mark Twain

Diamond Grading
Discussing the scientific aspects of diamond grading and colour gem stone identification with client.
A great demonstration of our work.

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IDGL Chief Gemologist Mr. S. Chung F.G.A. Recipient, G.I.A. Diamonds and Diamond Grading Certificate.